How to Make a Website


Hey everyone,

This was the first website I have ever made (unless you count Myspace). Overall, it was a lot of fun for me. It allowed me to be creative and showcase some of my favorite things. In order to make a website you have to first purchase a domain and then give it a name. was already taken so I took tmmahoney. The M in the middle stands for my middle name Martin. Next, download WordPress and then add a theme to it. For our assignment we were asked to make a portfolio that we could show to future employers. We first made an about me page, which is just a background about you. Then, we added a portfolio page that you put documents that you have created in for examples. We also have a resume page and a blog page with different post. The homepage should have a creative logo that relates to you. I did my initials and decided to make the colors like the OKC Thunder, because they are my favorite NBA team. You will also install widgets that serve different purposes. I mainly used the widgets to have a way for people to easily follow me on social media. You will also want to put a photo slider in. I used three photos that displayed my interests. The last thing I did was mini-features. I decided to incorporate my leadership strengths that I discovered by taking the StrengthsQuest test online. I put my four strengths in with different headings and described them. This is a fun project. It takes a lot of time and effort; however, it is very rewarding in the end, because you feel very accomplished with yourself. Plus, you get to reflect on who you are.

Originally posted at Tyler Martin Mahoney