Info-graphic Assignment


The info-graphic assignment is designed to help the student understand the importance of reaching their target audience through visual appeal. Info-graphics are used to easily relay information to the viewer through charts, graphs, etc. These are easy-to-read images that can portray a large amount of information. These can show an organization’s improvements or past history.


For the assignment, the student will create two info-graphics for an organization of their choice. The information that the student chooses to relay through the image is up to them. The student also needs to think about the specific target audience for whom the info-graphic will be based towards. Info-graphics can be made on Microsoft Word, InDesign or Photoshop. Make sure the image is large enough to see and present to the class later in the semester.

Here is an example of an info-graphic:



Here, one can see that this info-graphic is portraying information through percentages. There is a great use of color in this info-graphic that catches the eye of the audience.

Level of difficulty:


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