Last Blog Post for Public Relations Publications class

Public Relations Publications was by far one of the best classes I have taken at the University of Oklahoma. Before my junior year, I felt as though there was still so much I needed to learn for the PR world. As this class is wrapping up, I have realized just how much I have learned and how much I am going to use in the future. There were so many new skills that I learned, especially on InDesign. I have never been taught to use InDesign before and now I feel very comfortable with it. My internship boss told me I would need to know InDesign, and now I know everything about it! I feel as though my eye towards design and color has improved greatly and I can’t wait for my first internship assignment on InDesign to show off my new skills.

This class also pushed me out of my comfort zone, that in the end was extremely rewarding. I have never considered myself to be experienced with new technology, but after working with Photoshop and InDesign, I am much more confident. I learned to specify my target audience which is very important when working in PR. Specifying your target audience and sticking to that plan was difficult for me at first. Especially in the direct mailer assignment. But, I know that this will help me in the future.

I loved having the format of a lab intensive class. There was no time wasted in this class, which I can honestly say isn’t the case in other classes I have taken here at OU. Our professor lectured every once in a while, but the lectures were about important topics that helped us with our assignments. Other than the lectures, we were diligently working on our assignments and making deadlines which is closer to how the real world is going to be. I loved being able to come into a class and get straight to work. I wish more classes at Gaylord could be like this.

Originally posted at Taylor Jurica- Gaylord Journalism Student