Last Post for the Class!!

The one thing about InDesign, Photoshop and the website on Word Press is that they are not made for people to learn as they go. I think that is what I found the most frustrating. I’m spoiled with social media sites and programs that are easy to navigate and user friendly and I felt that these programs expected you to hit the ground running. I would most often ask the people next to me if they knew how to do something and would receive blank stares before I knew it was time to ask Croom. He’d just swoop in and tell me what to do and, for some reason, I’d panic under pressure and not be able to find any of the buttons he was talking about. So I hated asking questions.

With that being said, I have learned A LOT. Things I found challenging before are becoming easier and I find myself using this software in other classes as well. I had a very fun time designing and it gave me the best feeling to see something that I created come out looking the way I wanted it to. I never really had a problem designing for an audience, but I realize that may only be because we were able to choose our audience for every project. More often than not, I designed with an audience similar to myself in mind, but I liked that because it allowed me to be my own critic.

I liked the lab setting because even though we were all together, it felt private. Like no one could see my project until we were all finished (other than Croom, of course). Everyone in our class seemed comfortable with each other and I loved that everyone’s work was always available to use upon completion to get ideas or push our creativity further. I also liked that class time went by fast from having something to work on and keep us busy rather than being lectured. This is a big part of what we do in the field of public relations and I do think it’s very important to know. Colors and design are the first thing to catch the eye and, in my opinion, can make or break a company.

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