Mailer Assignment

For this assignment we needed to design a direct mail piece that OU recruitment services would send to a specific group.

The first one I did was a mailer designed to be sent to students who are considering graduate school. This would include people who are in an entry level job and people who are recent graduates. They would be mostly white and aged 21-24. This would include both men and women.GradMailerFront GradMailerBack (1)

I started by doing some research on OU’s Grad College. They use the arch in the picture as part of their logo, so when I found that picture in the assets folder I based my whole design on that. I turned the card to portrait so that the picture would fit better and I utilized the fade in the sky color to further draw the eye “higher” and to create depth. I put a slight fade on the words at the top to match.

The header comes from a quote from the front page of the grad college website. I also included that quote on the back. I thought the tag line paired perfectly with the picture. I made sure to include the grad college logo under that and then of course I put the ou logo in the upper right. All about the brand with OU.

I created a pop out box to put text in. I used the color of the sky so that the box wouldn’t look too out of place. The text in the box is designed to make the public think about returning to school. The big picture idea is to drive traffic to the site. This is a big decision and this generation doesn’t make that decision based on a piece of mail but hopefully we could get them to go to the site, which has comprehensive info on grad school.

The back included the quote that I based the whole thing on and then the URL again to drive traffic to the site. I separated the mail portion by using the blue color from the front box. That let me leverage part of the back to help get the message across.


The second one I did was aimed at  National Merit Scholars. OU is very focused on NMS. They even talk about them during football games. That says a lot.

Mailer2back2 Mailer2

I wanted the front to have a similar effect to my first project. I chose this picture because I thought that is was an iconic image of OU and its brand and it achieved that feeling of depth and going higher from bottom to top.

The text is the stat that OU puts out every chance it gets about NMS and being ranked #1. It is obvious that OU loves that stat and wants everyone to know about it. I then put “find out why” I wanted to link that stat with a reason for future students to care about it. I also put the URL for the same reason as the first mailer. I wanted them to go to the site so that they could get all the info that you can’t fit on a mailer.

On the back I used the same technique as the first mailer. Then I used the most important benefits that might convince a NMS to choose OU over other schools. These were the key points on OU’s NMS site so I used them on the mailer.

I struggled with the text on the front. I used the OU font for the URL and the tag line so that they would stand out. I  used a simple sariff font for the stat because that seemed to be what OU uses on its sites. But then on the back I wanted an easy to read sans sariff that matched the clean look of the icons. I know that means I have 3 different fonts but I think they look good. The front font is the weakest but I tried a ton and never could find one that looked decent.


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