Newsletter Assignment

This assignment was unique because the size of it gave me a chance to really increase the level of content that I could include. While in the mailer assignment you could only put a few line or so to get your point across, this assignment gave the freedom to really fill it up with content.

I decided that my newsletter would be for OU baseball, the team that I work with most directly. It made sense to me to aim the newsletter at fans that are not close to Norman. I wanted this to be aimed at people who may have a hard time getting to games and feeling involved but also make it something that a casual fan could pick up and enjoy.



The title includes the acronym WAFO which is the mantra of the new coaching staff and is just everywhere in the baseball program. It stands for We Are Family Omaha and you can’t be around the program without seeing that. I made it a hashtag because they use that on all their tweets and I was hoping to drive traffic to the accounts of the coaches and administrators. The line under that is the motto of the team you could say and suggests the team attitude that the team wants to have.

I included the team’s schedule/results because that is really the whole point of the newsletter and I started two of my articles on the front page.

I used the thin grey line at the top to seperate the title and the body and filled it with some of the programs accomplishments. OU is all about tradition and the more you mention it the  better.




This page feature the award winners for the past month. These are significant awards and I wanted to showcase them and really highlight the best players her. I had some trouble getting the right pictures so that they would look good with the text over them but I was happy with the way they turned out. Offsetting the players in the frame rather than centering them helped to really make the text pop.

I again went with OU’s yearbook solid text for my headlines. It is important to keep that consistent and since that font is used on everything, even on the signs at the stadiums, it really is part of the brand and makes things look recognizable as being OU.



This page has all my jump articles on it and I like the way I organized the text. I was also happy with how my pull quote turned out. I think putting it here makes sense because there is so much text the reader would be temped not to read it so drawing them in with this made sense to me.

The cutout was a good change from all the other square pictures and worked pretty well here. I wish I had put some kind of shadow on it though in hindsight.




The last page I saved for my feature story. This was a longer story that I thought was better suited to have its own page. I included my contact info on thus page and added a couple of elements that attempt to drive traffic to


This assignment was really easy once I made my wire frame. that was by far the hardest part. From there it was pretty much just plugging things in.

I have noticed that I have gotten a lot better and faster at basic things like changing tools. I know a TON of shortcuts now and I can really work a lot faster.

Originally posted at Wes Moody PR Publications