Overcoming Obstacles

In chapter 5 of the book Designing for Emotion by Aarron Walter, he discusses how going with your gut and how to erase skepticism and apathy in your website.

Walter discusses how we go with our gut decision everyday and that made me stop and rethink all the decisions that I had made today. I agree with Walter that we do base our decisions on our gut instinct and not logical thinking, “You use instinct to choose something thats good enough when the best option is unclear” (Walter, 67).  We use our gut to to choose everything from what we are wearing to the route that we take to work during the day. As designers we need to bring this out in our personality of our websites, we need our uses to use their gut and instincts and not over think the different choices.

Designers need to create a path of least resistance, in other words we need to design for the laziness present in humans. Walter discusses how Dropbox uses this method to their advantage in the form of bribery. I disagree with this, I personally find Dropbox to be confusing and more effort than it is worth. Maybe its because I don’t fully understand the site but I don’t agree with the belief that it is catered towards those who are lazy or more resistance to effort. TO use Dropbox you have to go through a process of downloading then uploading it onto your computer and then onto all the other devices you plan to use it on and in my opinion they don’t do a good way of benefiting you to get through this process.

Whatever we are designing we need to remember to cater to the instincts of our users.

Originally posted at Grace Vojvoda