Overcoming Obstacles

In Chapter 5 of “Designing for Emotion”, Aarron Walter discusses overcoming the obstacles with design. One statement I had never thought about was when Walter said, “People really aren’t as lazy as we think they are. They’re just looking for the path of least resistance to their destination,” (72). Thus meaning every time we criticize someone for being lazy, this is not a true characteristic of the person. They are looking for an easy way out of things, and who doesn’t these days?

However, I almost disagree with this statement because although I wouldn’t say laziness is a characteristic, I would say that it is more of a habit. When a person is lazy and his or her friends know it, they don’t go to them as much for things because they don’t think he or she will get the job done. For example, if you were to do a group project, you wouldn’t want the person perceived as lazy to be one of your group members. You would want someone who could give back and participate in making it the best project possible. Therefore, although I did realize this statement was interesting, I do not necessarily agree with this thought.

I enjoyed this chapter, and liked how he did not write too much about this topic. Sometimes writers can write too much about a certain subject, but Walter perfectly explained overcoming obstacles without exaggerating his writing. I did not realize how short this book was, so I’m surprised how fast we’ve read through it already! I’m interested in seeing how he ends this book, so I’m planning on finishing Chapters 6 and 7. I’m curious in finding out what “Forgiveness” is in Chapter 6. Overall, it’s been an interesting book that I’ve enjoyed thus far!

Originally posted at Megan Young - Gaylord Student