In Chapter 3 of Aarron Walter’s “Designing for Emotion”, the author discusses the topic of personality in design. In my opinion, I believe that personality is a huge part of the designing process. I had never thought though about how “Emotional design’s primary goal is to facilitate human-to-human communication,” (Walter 30). This is an interesting statement to me because I had never thought about how your design should communicate from person to person, and not just person to everyone. I thought that your design should mainly communicate to the group as a whole, not every individual person. Thus, I will try to remember this information for the future, and keep this in mind.

However at first in this chapter, I did not agree with the statement “Keep in mind that when you emphasize personality in the user experience, some people won’t like it,” (Walter 46). When first reading this, I did not agree because people should usually like anything with great personality in their experience. On the other hand, I did realize that sometimes personalities do clash with one another, and although one person might like it, the other might not. Thus, this statement did make the end of this chapter very interesting for me.

Overall, I’m still enjoying this book, specifically because of the examples provided. In this chapter, I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures that went along with the examples. I’m a visual person so this helped me understand the concepts and examples much better than before. I look forward to seeing what comes next in this book.

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