Project 1 – Business Card & Letterhead

For our first project in JMC 3433, we were given the task of making a business card and a letterhead. We also used our designing skills to make an electronic email through MailChimp.

I decided to create my project for the dance studio I teach at in Oklahoma City called Everything Goes Dance Studio. I have been teaching at this studio since October. I wanted to encompass the fun and exciting atmosphere the studio provides for its students while also making a professional product. This was not an easy task. The logo of Everything Goes Dance Studio is very bold and bright with lots of colors. This was easy to work with when I wanted to express how fun the dance studio was, but not so easy when I wanted to create a professional product (due to the excessive amounts of color).

My audience for the business card and letterhead is potential clients to the dance studio, or current clients. Realizing my audience is what made me personally realize that the excessive color and interesting font would fit my audience perfectly. These products would be sent to people who either want to experience what the dance studio is like, or already know the studios personality. It was at this point that I was finally able to have fun with my design and really cater to the clients needs instead of stressing about it looking extremely professional.

I used the logo in my designs because it is on all of the studio merchandise, and is the symbol of the studio. I kept the same color schemes of the logo fir the text in my design because I believed it represented the fun and exhilarating characteristics of the studio. I used fun and different fonts for the same reason, and believe it will really catch viewer’s eyes. I also created a slogan or catch phrase for the studio, “Won’t You Dance With Us?”

For MailChimp I created an email costume letter. Usually the studio prints copies of the letter and gives them to the students in hopes that they will make it to their parents. With MailChimp; however, I would be able to send the letter to all of the parent’s emails very quickly and efficiently without going through the students. I am very glad that I learned about MailChimp, and I definitely plan to use it in the future.

Overall, I learned so much about design through this process. As my first project, I was expecting for frustration to be a part of the process, and it definitely was. But I also learned about different software and applications, as well as how to cater to my audience while also pleasing the owner of a business.

Below are my final products.




Business Card Back

Back of Business Card

Business Card Front


Font of Business Card

Originally posted at OU Public Relations Publications