Reflection on Class

I have really enjoyed this class. I enjoy any class, be they ever so rare, that teaches me a hard skill. too much of my college life has been spent talking about ideas and hardly any has been spent teaching me things that make me employable. You can’t put theories on a resume, but you can put “good at InDesign”.

I want to be a sports information director. This job produces a lot of content for websites and paper on gamedays. SOOO much of what we do is done on InDesign and so I am grateful to have had this class (but also disappointed that there aren’t more computer skills classes in Gaylord… It’s 2014!). I feel like I went from a very basic knowledge of InDesign to feeling confident that I could produce the documents I would need to in my profession. Adam was a great instructor and very knowledgeable about the program.

I wish we would have spent some time on Photoshop but I realize that the class is really too short to cover both programs sufficiently. OU needs to have 3-4 classes for teaching software in Gaylord.

I enjoyed the lab format of the class. I was free to work at my own pace but I could ask questions if I had any.

I plan to use the website that we created in my job search. I think that it will be a real asset when I am applying for jobs around the country and it might just put me over the top. I am going to keep updating my portfolio as I go. I probably wont use the blog section but you never know.

Originally posted at Wes Moody