Assignment 5: A Night to Remember

For this blog post our instructor asked us to make up an assignment for the class. We had total creative freedom. The assignment I created is below. Let me know what you think!


Assignment 5: A Night to Remember

Due Thursday May 1, 2014


Create a “special event’s” print and web publications. The event can be a wedding, a shower, a banquet, a gala, etc. The list of items for the event includes: invitations (both print and electronic), a program for the night of, a graphic to change social media profile pictures, a Twitter account for the event ran by you with an official hashtag and 5 Tweets posted on the account (2 leading up to the event, 2 at the event, and 1 after it is over), and a premade email to all guest reminding them of the event.

Blog Post:

Students will also write a 250 word reflection blog post for the assignment.

Did you struggle with any section of this assignment? What did you like? Dislike? What did you learn from this assignment?


  • Pick an event or an organization planning the event that you are familiar with.
  • Invitations should be 4 in. x 6 in.
  • Programs can be as small as 4 in. x 6 in. or as large as 8 in. x 11 in.
  • Graphic should be minimum 180×180 pixels


100 total points: You will be graded per publication (20 points each)

Rating: 3

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Assignment 5: Designing a Dynamic Social Media Page

Students will pick an organization, preferably one that is lesser known and is not very present in the social media world, and they will create a social media site for that organization through an outlet of their choosing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Students should design the page in accordance with the personality of the organization as well as inserting some of their personal flare to the design.

Specific Requirements:

15 image minimum

Good full bio that tells the whole story of the organization concisely

Any materials posted that are relevant to organization and would be interesting to public

Logo used in appropriate places

Image of the organization needs to be put in a positive light

Points will be given for emotionally provocative designs

This is a 3 star level assignment seeing as it takes some expertise with branding and the deep knowledge of how to use a specific social tool \

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Special Interest Magazine


I think a good assignment for my PR Publications class would be to make a magazine. I know that the other classes do a magazine, and I think it would be a cool way to showcase our talents even more. I think this would probably be a 4 on the scale of 1-5. It would just be extremely time consuming; however, I think t would be a great way for us to dig deeper into our passions. For example, I would probably try to make a men’s fitness and health magazine. I would include workouts, recipes, and other health related topics. I really liked doing the newsletter, and I feel like this would be similar. The main difference would be that we would not be writing for an organization.



Create a 5-page sample magazine over a topic you are passionate about. Include a catching cover with slogan and pictures. Include two feature stories, one instructional/advice and the one story over something in the news(pop culture, politics, business, etc.). There will be three weeks to finish the assignment.

Blog post: write one refection blog post.

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How to Make a Website


Hey everyone,

This was the first website I have ever made (unless you count Myspace). Overall, it was a lot of fun for me. It allowed me to be creative and showcase some of my favorite things. In order to make a website you have to first purchase a domain and then give it a name. was already taken so I took tmmahoney. The M in the middle stands for my middle name Martin. Next, download WordPress and then add a theme to it. For our assignment we were asked to make a portfolio that we could show to future employers. We first made an about me page, which is just a background about you. Then, we added a portfolio page that you put documents that you have created in for examples. We also have a resume page and a blog page with different post. The homepage should have a creative logo that relates to you. I did my initials and decided to make the colors like the OKC Thunder, because they are my favorite NBA team. You will also install widgets that serve different purposes. I mainly used the widgets to have a way for people to easily follow me on social media. You will also want to put a photo slider in. I used three photos that displayed my interests. The last thing I did was mini-features. I decided to incorporate my leadership strengths that I discovered by taking the StrengthsQuest test online. I put my four strengths in with different headings and described them. This is a fun project. It takes a lot of time and effort; however, it is very rewarding in the end, because you feel very accomplished with yourself. Plus, you get to reflect on who you are.

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Assignment Five: Design Your Own Movie Poster

I am a huge fan of film. I have written my own full-length screenplay, written and directed a comedic short film and the first season of a comedic short web series, in addition to currently working on multiple other projects.

For this fifth assignment, select any picture that you believe would be appealing to moviegoers about a feature film about your own life. The picture must have you in it and not be explicit in any way (that is, sexually explicit, violent, containing drugs or alcohol, profane, etc.) . Save your desired image in InDesign as a JPeg and then begin designing your own movie poster!

You must give your film a creative title, as well as list the “stars” of your film. These can either be the names of real people that are major parts of the story you wish to tell, or celebrities that you have “cast” as the real people in your life. You may also wish to bill yourself as the director in your film. In addition to the cast, you should probably list a studio or individual that will serve as your film’s producer. This can be an actual film producer, or you can list yourself (or even your parents, if that’s how you want to play it!).

Your poster must be visually appealing and serve as a proper print advertisement for a film, but the rest is up to you. Take any stylistic approaches you wish, and have fun!

I would probably give this assignment a one-star difficulty. I wished to create a fun assignment, not necessarily a difficult one.

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Brochure Assignment


Design a brochure that can be folded into three’s. The front of the brochure should catch someones eye, excite them and make them want to read all six parts of the brochure. Make sure to include a contact page with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles. Pictures should be added to give visual appeal and should have cutlines. The brochure will be handed out for a calendar year, make sure things aren’t “recent” news, but could be used for an entire year. Students will pick their organization to create a brochure for and use InDesign or Photoshop.


Design (70 points): The design should be made with InDesign and/or Photoshop and should look like a professional brochure ready to print. This brochure should have excellent use of color, white space, layout and should be free of any typographical errors. Students are to show knowledge of all topic mentioned in class thus far.

Self Reflection (30 points): Explain your brochure and how it would be effective for the organization. Explain your concept of design and why you used colors that you used. How is this brochure helpful for the audience reading it? Explain your journey through the creation process. What have you learned? How was this project different than other projects? Make sure to explain what you have learned in past projects that you were able to apply to your brochure.

Difficulty Rating: I would give this project 3 stars because I think that it is hard to develop something that is used for an entire year. Brochures need information that matter for the entire year, not information that could be thrown out within two weeks. I think students with proper InDesign knowledge will be able to design a printable brochure but it will be a challenge. Knowing what piece of information or picture to use on what side is tough. I would allow two weeks for this assignment and should be given after proper instruction on InDesign and Photoshop have been given.

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Scrapbook Blog?

Lately, I have been trying to think of something that my blog could be used for after this assignment is all said and done, and so far, It has been very hard to think of a topic interesting enough for me to write about that people will want to read. In addition, The only other people I know that have blogs are my 17-year old sister and all of her friends, but they only talk about make-up and style and all of the “in” brands. I like some of that stuff, but I would rather do almost anything else than sit sand talk about it to a camera–mostly because I think that’s super weird and annoying.  But then I remember I am the only one looking at this website and it can be about whatever I want it to be about even if it’s about a stupid hobby of mine that everyone makes fun of me for….scrapbooking!

I love it. I have a scrapbook every year since 2007 and I think each one gets better and better. I collect pictures and stickers and paper and letters and go practically broke every Christmas when I spend my free time catching up with it. Honestly, I don’t think sharing a few of my pages would be that much different than sharing photos on instagram or twitter.   My thought is that after an event, I can show the new scrapbook page and talk about what happened (like every other social media site). It’s perfect! Here are some examples:


Whitney’s Wedding 2013


Gamma Phi Beta Bid Day 2013


OU/TX 2013 (Sorry the image doesn’t have superb quality)

"Moonstrike" 2014

“Moonstrike” 2014

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Advertising Campaign

For this last assignment in my PR Publications class we were asked to make up our own assignment. I decided to make my “students” make a small advertising campaign. I decided to do this because I have recently had to make several ads for my internship and it was difficult to know where to start. So I feel like the next Publications class should at least touch on the basics and thought process behind advertisements so students have a basic knowledge.

The assignment will require students to pick an organization and decide what type of campaign to make for them. For example if a student chose a certain nonprofit they could make a campaign for their upcoming fundraising gala. The assignment will require them to make three different parts in inDesign. The first part will be a full page ad (8.5 x 11). The second will be a half page ad (8.5 x 5.5). The third will be a direct mailer that could be sent out to promote the campaign as well, also half page.

After the students make the campaign they will have to fill out a sheet that breaks down who their audience is and what influences them. Then they will write a blog post explaining how they made the campaign, the specific design elements that they used and how they feel that design will tie into their target audience.

The difficulty rating I would give this assignment is a 3, because coming up with a campaign might be a little tough. But once the student chooses an audience and a look for one ad the other two parts will not be very difficult.

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Intriguing Infographics

For assignment 5, students will design two infographics for an organization of their choice. Students should create these infographics with the help of InDesign and/or Photoshop. The infographics will be graded on specific aspects of the images, such as:

• color
• design
• creativity
• use of art
• no clutter
• layout
• clearly ties to the organization

When choosing an organization for this assignment, students should consider creating these for an organization they work with or are interested in working for in the future. Selecting an organization should be the first step the student takes in creating this project. It is also a good idea for students to consider choosing an organization that they have a relationship with, if they are in need of assistance or information from the organization. If students choose an organization that already has infographics made, then redesign these and develop your own style through these new infographics. I suggest using Pinterest as a source for ideas and look around for other organizations’ infographics on the Internet.

- Document Specifications:

Students should design each infographic to be smaller than 700 px wide and saved as a .png.

Make sure to upload both of the infographics on D2L to be graded when done with the assignment.

- Grading:

Design (80 points – 40 points for each infographic) Demonstrates proficiency in creating, design clearly ties to organization, not cluttered, color, creativity, use of art, layout, alignment, and contrast.

Self Reflection Blog Post (20 points) Explains how each infographic ties to the organization, who would be interested in these images, and how the student used design concepts to create each infographic. In addition, the student needs to explain to the audience how they designed this and what ideas helped create these graphics. Walk them through your ideas.  Also answer the questions of: What did you learn? What was difficult on this project? What was different about this project compared to the other assignments? Also, make sure to embed the infographics into the blog post to show the audience what you made.

Difficulty Level: I would rank this project with 3 stars because I think it takes time to make good and informative infographics. This should not be a fast project for the students to complete. They need to take the time to think about what organization they want their infographics to be for and how they want to design these images. I would allow the students about 2 and a half weeks to work on this assignment. Also, I would assign this in probably the middle of the semester to allow students time to understand InDesign and/or Photoshop so they can make impressive and intriguing infographics.





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